Offices Module

Offices Module

Manage your company's locations - Physical and Virtual

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Module Description

The Offices Module enables HR Managers to create offices or locations where their employees work from.  Offices do not have to be 'physical' locations, they can be virtual offices, such as ; 'home worker' or 'remote worker'.   An 'Office' could be a retail store or a head office and underpin a lot of the employee information, such as working hours and access rights so it is mandatory that each employee is associated to an 'office'.

Offices are also associated to many other modules within LogixOne HR such as; Incidents, Schedules, etc.

Module Features

  • The office module enables HR Managers to create a new offices (locations) for the organization.
  • Create office profiles by providing the office information such as  office name and its physical  location. 
  • It enable the system to have complete address of an office location. Eg office Street number and city.
  • The system authorizes the HR Managers to set the minimum and normal working hours of office.
  • It has the provision to validate HR Managers to grants some access rights to the office branch. The office branch is granted with all rights or some of rights of Main office. Eg: Full access right or Melbourne office access etc.
  • It has the liability to assign a Manager to the office from the enrolled employees.

Creating an Office

  1. Navigate to "Office" Module in the main menu.
  2. Click "+" to create a new office.
  3. Using the "Office Name" field fill in the office name under "Office Information".
  4. Enter email address of new office in "Email" field.
  5. Enter normal working hours of ofice in "Working Hours" field. Eg 8 hours.
  6. Enter minimum working hours in "Minimum Working Hour" field. Eg: 3 hours.
  7. Enter street number in "Office Street" field. Eg: 55 Reserve Rd.
  8. Enter name of city in "Office City" field. Eg Grovedale.
  9. Enter name of state in "Office State" field. Eg Victoria.
  10. Enter code of city in "Office Code" field. Eg 3216
  11. Select name of country from "Office Country" lookup field. It enlists names of all countries in the world.
  12. Select the access rights from "Related Access" field. It is a lookup field that looks up all the access rights that a head office has enlisted to be granted to the branch offices. Eg: Full access right.
  13. Select a Manager for the new office from "Manager" field. It is a lookup filed that looks up for the names of enrolled employees.
  14. Click "Save" button to create a new office with all information mentioned above.


The "Attachments" section stores all mandatory documents or files uploaded related to a job.

Steps to attach Attachments
  1. Click on "Attachments" under "RELATED LIST".
  2. Press "Upload File" to upload a file by scrolling down the "Attach" option.
  3. Click "Documents" option to to select documents from uploaded file.
  4. Append a link in "LINK (URL)" option.


The "Email" area stores all the emails  received by an employee related to his/her job.

Steps to Create an Email
  1. Browse through "RELATED LIST", click "Emails".
  2. Click "+send" button or "send" button "Edit" button.
  3. Enter subject name in "Subject" field.
  4. Choose the template of email from "Choose your Template" button.
  5. Insert a survey link from "Insert Survey Link" button. (Optional)
  6. Type in your mail or message inside the text field below "Subject".
  7. Add attachment if required.
  8. Click "Send button" to send the message.

Open and Close Activities 

The "Open Activities" section allows HR Managers to create activities such as calendar events, tasks and calls and assign those activities to an employee. 

"Closed Activities" are activities that fall in the past.

To see a full description on how to work with "Activities" click here.


The "Vacancies" area explains briefly the number of vacant positions for the current opportunity within the organization.

Steps to Create a Vacancy
  1. Browse through "RELATED LIST", click "Vacancy" field.
  2. Click "New" or "+Assign" button.(Refer Vacancy Module user manual to study next steps to create a Vacancy.)

Employee Under Contract

The "Employee Under Contract" area displays the list of all contracted employees under that office and relate each minor detail related to that contract such as contract type, contract status, start date, end date and department.

Steps to Create Contract
  1. Browse through "RELATED LIST", click "Contract" field.
  2. Click "New" or "+Assign" button.(Refer Contract Module user manual to study next steps to create a Contract.)

Access Rights

The "Access Rights" area is automatically updated which enlisted all the rights a HR Manager and an employee are allocated with.

Steps to an Access Right
  1. Browse through "RELATED LIST", click "Access Right" field.
  2. Click "New" or "+Assign" button.(Refer Access Right Module user manual to study next steps to create an Access Right.)


The "Incidents" area allows the HR Managers to create and associate an incident record for any misshaping in the office. It logged the detail of incident type, participants involved, severity, location and steps to recover the losses. 

Steps to Create Incidents
  1. Browse through "RELATED LIST", click "Incidents" field.
  2. Click "+Assign" button.(Refer Incidents Module user manual to study next steps to create an Incident.)

Related List Name 1

The "Related List Name 1" area enlisted all employees enrolled in the particular office branch. For instance Melbourne Office branch displays the list of employees working at that location.

Steps to Create an Employee
  1. Browse through "RELATED LIST", click "Related List Name 1" field.
  2. Click "New" or "+Assign" button.(Refer Employee Module user manual to study next steps to create an Employee.)

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