HR Map Module

HR Map Module

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Module Description

The HR Map Module is an advanced mapping platform that can GEO locate employees working or from any location be that remote/field worker or office locations. HR managers or managers with correct access can view with ease the number of active, inactive employees and on those that are on leave.

Statuses of  "Start" and "Stop" indicate whether an employee is actively working or not and provides advanced filtering functionality to enable managers to quickly locate staff and review their working status.

Module Features

  • Enables the HR Managers to view the physical location of employees working at different places.
  • Represents working status of employees with a unique color. For example Start status is shown by green color. "Stop" status in red.
  • Fetches data from the "HR Portal Application" to calculate active and inactive employees.
  • Provides visual representation of both active and inactive employees by displaying the numbers categorized by "Active", "Inactive" and "On Leave" boxes . For example number of active employee: 10 and number of inactive employees: 2.
  • Filter and search buttons to see the employees by working status and physical location respectively. For instance HR Managers can view active employees in Melbourne by selecting "Melbourne" location and "Start" using Filter by Status.
  • Enables 'live update' functionality allowing managers to receive updated location information for tracking of remote workers. 

Accessing the HR Map

  1. Navigate to "HR maps" on the main menu.
  2. Select office location from "Select Office" field. It is a look up field that looks up for office locations from "Office" Module. You can select all offices by selecting "All" option.
  3. Choose the employees by their working status from "Filter by Status" field. For instance "Start" means the employee is active, "End" means the employee has either finished work or inactive. You can select all employees.
  4. Click on "Apply" button to implement step 3 and step 4.
  5. Go through the table generated with new values. For instance

    Active Employees
    Inactive Employees
    Employee On Leave

  6. Zoom in or zoom out using "+" and "-" map options to navigate the location icon to see the details of employees. For instance visit a green location icon to see the active employee details.
  7. To enable (5) min live update enable the 'autorefresh' option. *available on Android OS only.

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