Profile Update

Profile Update


LogixOne HR recognizes that businesses can have different types of employees other than the in-office ones such as field staff, remote working, freelance etc and hence our 'Employee Application' caters to those that want to access their profiles through hand-held devices.
Available both on the App Store and Google Play Store, the Employee Access Application is designed to give employees the power to control and manage their daily tasks from their phones or tablets resulting in effective communication and improved performance. Allowing employees to submit leave requests, record attendance, lodge incidents, access reviews, manage documents as well as complete other HR tasks means that the data and information flows seamlessly from HR to Employee to HR. The Employee App is also completely customisable in its features, layout and themes to meet the HR needs of your company and match your brand. Essentially, the Employee App aims to provide multi-device options for employees to fully integrate them into to the organization and ensure transparency and accountability. 


The Employee Access Application allows employees to do the following:

  1. Maintain and update employee profile with vital details related to contact, contract, designation, family and insurance. 
  2. Access monthly shifts assigned by your manager with color coded shift codes for different types of shifts such as STD, HOME, OFF and more.
  3. Create and lodge leave requests based on associated leave profiles such as sick leave or annual leave and check on approval status. 
  4. Record time, attendance and location of your different tasks and activities. 
  5. Report attendance details using advanced analytics engine. 
  6. Access and edit performance reviews and add comments or confirm completion of objectives. 
  7. Create incidents and specify incident details, type, description, authorities involved and upload supporting images. 
  8. Access essential documents (such CV, contracts etc) distributed by managers to respective employees.
  9. Features such as viewing location of employees on HR Map, distribution of shift codes and viewing attendance reports requires access.

Employee Profile

Steps to Create Employee Profile
The "Profile" section covers all your details related to contact, bank, contract and designation.
1. Click on 'Employee Profile' in the toggle sidebar of your app.
2. Click on 'Profile' and enter your personal details such as DOB (from the calendar), contact number, address, marital status (Married or Not Married) and religion (click and select from the list).
3. Fill in your bank details such as bank name, bank code, bank account and NPWP in "Bank Name", "Bank Code" ,"Bank account" and "NPWP" slots respectively.
4. Details related to your contract, join date, department, position, place of employment and level of employment are already filled. 
5. Click on 'Update Profile' to save the details entered. 

The "Family" section contains the names of your family members and their DOB. 
1. Fill in the name of your first child, second child and third child in "Child 1", "Child 2" and "Child 3" fields respectively. (If applicable)
2. Fill in the date of birth (from the calendar) of your first child, second child and third child in "Child 1 DOB", "Child 2 DOB" and "Child 3 DOB" fields respectively. (If applicable)
3. Fill in the name and DOB (from the calendar) of your husband/wife in the "DOB Husband/Wife" field. (If applicable)
4. Fill in the name  of your mother in the  "Mother's Name" field.

The "Insurance" section carries the information of your health insurance plan. 
1. Fill in the name of your health insurance company in the  "Company" field.
2. Enter the policy number of your health insurance cover in "Policy Number" field.

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