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Candidate Module


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Module Description

The candidate module allows HR Professionals to manage the entire 'talent acquisition process of hiring employees.  Candidates are associated to vacancies.  Candidates can either be created within the HR Manager itself or potential candidates can "apply" for open vacancies via the company's career page plugin (code is available from the Vacancy Script module).   Any number of candidates are able to apply for a vacancy  Apart from responsibilities the role involves, each candidate is assigned with a 'Candidate-number'.

In addition, the candidate module allows the HR Professionals to conduct interviews for each candidate and notes as well as modify the candidates status. The system accommodates sending emails, making calls, creating certain tasks and events to notify a candidate for upcoming events and of course managing the documentation associated with the company's hiring process,

Module Features

  • Displays a list of all candidates who have applied for the new open positions.
  • A candidate number is generated against the name of each candidate irrespective of the job title.
  • Details of a candidate can be edited and modified further with just a one click of mouse on the his/her name.  
  • A candidate could be an employee already contracted for another job, however maybe interested in the latest vacancy
  • Modified time is displayed against each application. It is the actual time and date of registration for the job.  
  • HR Manager selects the most suitable candidate by matching his/her skills with the job profile.
  • HR Manager is able to modify the "status" of the candidate to create a short-list for further interviews.
  • HR Manager can directly makes the candidate an employee or send him/her a interview meeting email.
  • A interview is a multi-stage process for employing contemporary talent. The interview date and interview phases such as phase 1 and phase 2, is disposed against the premier candidate.
  • A successful interview evaluation converts a candidate into an current employee.
  • The hiring Managers are able to send contract documents to successful candidates
  • It validates a system to send emails to candidates for their success or succeeding attempt. 
  • Each minor detail of a candidate such as attached documents, related emails, upcoming and closed events are recorded in their profile for future use.

Creating Candidates

  1. Navigate to the "Candidate" Module in the main menu.
  2. Press "+" button to add a new candidate within the organization.
  3. Type email address of new candidate in "Email" field under "Candidate Information".
  4. Select the status of candidate from "Candidate Status" field. Eg active, interviewed, short listed, under offer etc.
  5. Choose a vacancy the candidate is applying for from "Applying for" field. It is a lookup field that looks up all existing Vacancies from "Vacancy" Module. You can select a vacancy from Vacancies list. If the vacancy does not exist add a new vacancy by clicking on "+ New Vacancy" button.
  6. Type full name of the candidate in "Employed as" field if an application was registered through corporate website. However, if you are selecting a candidate within the company, then choose full name of candidate from "Employed as" lookup field. Also you can add a new employee by clicking on "+ New employee" button.
  7. Select a referrer name from "Employee Referrer" look up field. It is the name of person who suggested the new candidate within the organization.
  8. Fill other important information such as marital status, Date of birth, Mobile number, Religion, gender in "Marital Status", "DOB", "Mobile", "Religion" and "Gender" fields respectively.
  9. Enter first and last name in "Candidate First Name" and "Candidate Last Name" respectively. For example 'Belinda Victor' is candidate's full name. Then 'Belinda' is the First name and "Victor" is the last name of the candidate.
  10. Type your expected annual salary for the job position in "Expected Salary" field.
  11. Upload your update resume through "CV and Resume" field.
  12. Click "Save" button to save the details.
  13. Pick a candidate under "Candidate Name" column in "Candidate" module.
  14. Create an interview meeting under "Interviews" field. Fill all interview meeting details under "Interview Type", "Description", "Location", Start Time", "End time" and "Send Invites". See the example mentioned below to understand each column of "Interview".
    Meeting Type
    Start Time
    End Time
    Send Invites
    Interview Candidate Phase 1
    Introduce yourself
    Zoom Application
     21/05/2020 10:00am 
    21/05/2020 11:30am
  15. Tick on the checkbox under "Send Invites" column. By clicking on the checkbox you are confirming to notify the candidate about interview details by sending an email.
  16. Click on "Create Candidate Interview" Button to send an interview meeting email invitation to the candidate and the hiring Manager. 
  17. Converting a Candidate to an employee - Once a candidate has been selected and approved for hire you can convert the candidate details into an employee to do so click on the "Convert into Employee" button to convert a candidate into an employee


The "Attachments" section stores all mandatory documents or files uploaded related to a job.

Steps to attach Attachments
  1. Click on "Attachments" under "RELATED LIST".
  2. Press "Upload File" to upload a file by scrolling down the "Attach" option.
  3. Click "Documents" option to to select documents from uploaded file.
  4. Append a link in "LINK (URL)" option.


The "Email" area stores all the emails  received by an employee related to his/her job.

Steps to Create an Email
  1. Browse through "RELATED LIST", click "Emails".
  2. Click "+send" button or "send" button "Edit" button.
  3. Enter subject name in "Subject" field.
  4. Choose the template of email from "Choose your Template" button.
  5. Insert a survey link from "Insert Survey Link" button. (Optional)
  6. Type in your mail or message inside the text field below "Subject".
  7. Add attachment if required.
  8. Click "Send button" to send the message.

Open Activities 

The "Open Activities" section allows HR Managers to create activities or tasks and entitle those tasks to an employee. An activity is a task, an event or a call that an employee is assigned with.

To see a full description on how to work with "Activities" click here.

Employed As

The "Employees As" area enables the HR managers to create or assign an employee within the organization. It describe the full name of the employee.

Steps Followed 
  1. Browse through "RELATED LIST", click "Employed As".
  2. Click "+Assign" or "+New" to create new employee. (Refer employee Module user manual to study further steps to create an employee.)
Refer Employee module to study the steps to create an employee.

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